Til Winter's End

Written by Marco Shalma & Enid Gonzalez, A murder investigation in a small Montana town blurs the line between redemption and revenge and sets two men, on opposite sides of the law, on a collision course. Currently in pre-production, in collaboration with Long Road Films, to shoot in 2018.

The Gulch

During an ultramarathon in the Montana wilderness, a runner goes off course during a thunderstorm, becomes severely hypothermic and seeks shelter. Hurt and disoriented, he stumbles upon an illegal mining operation known as The Gulch and is forced to flee for his life from a band of vigilantes. Back in town, a search party is deployed a search party, but, as the clock ticks away, it becomes apparent that they are faced with much more than they are expecting.

Dirty Dishes

Written by Gillian Todd and Marco Shalma, a quirky, vivacious, struggling chef is on the brink of her big break. But, after discovering her boyfriend is married to a Food-Network executive, life gets scrambled. She reluctantly navigates the stages of grief, with the oft unmentioned drunkenness, until a Video Blog of her concocting "heartache chocolate cake", while ranting, goes viral. Little does she know; she just stumbled upon a recipe for success. The webseries in currently in pre-production and the 30-minute pilot is in development.

Mercedes Ladies

A disadvantaged Bronx teen fights her way through the late 1970's male-dominated hip-hop scene, changing her life and music forever. The true-life story of hip-hop pioneer, legendary MC, and author, Sheri Sher, the founder of The Mercedes Ladies, the first all-female MC and DJ crew.



Marco Shalma

Marco is a CREATIVE PRODUCER and the founder of Round Seven. His down n' dirty NYC film education, content development and production background, and advertising experience position him to spearheaded multiple projects in a dogged pursuit of story-to-market perfection. Marco likes to make sure the entire Bronx knows when the Yankees or Arsenal are playing.

Gillian Todd

Gillian is an ACTOR, PRODUCER and the co-founder of Round Seven. Her contributions in front of and behind the camera have landed projects in Cannes, NYCIFF, and MIFF. Gillian's social media shrewdness and branding expertise have led her to manage marketing efforts for multiple NYC brands. Gillian is avid about fitness so she can justify her intense love for cooking, eating and throwing the occasional raucous dinner party.

Fabio Oribio

Fabio is a Web Developer and social media assistant. He has developed several websites with differents purposes, like eCommerce, News and Business sites.

Stephanie Blackwood

Stephanie is a highly sought after LINE PRODUCER on feature films ranging from below $1 million to $50 million under great directors such as Spike Lee, Steve McQueen, and Cary Fukunaga. Stephanie has partnered with Round Seven as a producer and creative advisor since 2009, helping guide projects from conception through production. She’s known to use her Southern charm to calm the passions that erupt around the office and on set.

Lukasz Pruchnik

Lukasz Pruchnik Is an uber-experienced Brooklyn-based CINEMATOGRAPHER. His unique footprint and ability to masterfully compose frames out of words, and create an artistic, engaging and relevant cinematic experience, resonates with his collaborators and viewers. Less known, Lukasz is a fantastic ballroom dance.